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10:00am Training        
11:00am-11:30am Final Skateboard Street Junior    
12:00pm-12:40pm Final Skateboard Street Amateur        
12:10pm-1:00pm Final BMX Freestyle Park Junior        
1:20pm-1:40pm Final BMX Flatland Junior    
1:40pm-3:00pm Final Skateboard Street Pro
1:45pm-2:15pm Final BMX Freestyle Park Amateur        
2:00pm-2:45pm Final BMX Flatland Amateur        
2:45pm-3:15pm Prize Giving Ceremony        
3:10pm-3:50pm Best Tricks Skateboard Street        
3;40pm-4:00pm Final UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Women    
4:00pm-5:30pm Final UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup    
4:20pm-5:00pm Final Scooter Street Amateur
5:30pm-6:00pm Best Trick BMX Freestyle Park        
5:45pm-6:20pm Final Scooter Street Pro    
6:30pm-7:40pm Final UCI BMX Flatland World Cup    

Subject to change.

Earlier Event: July 14